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odd clutch problem

Exmoor Beast

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My clutch seems to have developed a mind of its own.

Its obviously losing fluid slowly from somewhere, its not obvious though.

Anyway topping the reservoir up and pumping the pedal gets a nice feeling clutch after 30-50 pumps usually but after a while I seem to lose the clutch again even though the reservoir is still full.

How is it I can get a good feeling pedal and lose it again and not have lost any fluid from the reservoir? Is the fluid old and knackered os something? Its been a year or so since i put a new master cylinder on and i didn't completely renew the fluid then...

Will :(

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Sound like a master cylinder seal problem to me. Clamp the flexi hose and see if it still does it, if it does, then master cylinder. If not, then remove the slave and check inside the dust cover for fluid. Sometimes initial seal failure is detected by air being sucked past the seal when you take your foot off the pedal, but pressure on the pedal pushes the lip of the seal against the bore and and thus preventing any fluid loss.


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Have you looked at the flexi hose down to the slave? Might be bulging, or playing games with you.

No, haven't checked that if it was bulging I would think it would have not clutch all the time instead of intermittantly?? :unsure:

I will have a look later when the kids get home to do the pedal pressing for me ;)

Will :)

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Maybe I will do it when I visit one of our customers in Exeter, they have a 20 year old cat with no teeth, bit of tomato sauce from a can of pilchards should do it wink.gif

Oh lordy, you'll get arrested Will, that's illegal in the UK !



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