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Paida 4x4?


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I bought an allbright off them a while back, the Packaging looked fine when i signed for it but when i unwrapped it, it was smashed to bits and had been superglued back together.

They reluctantly agreed to collect it but the totally useless courier still hasn't managed to collect it yet.

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I had a load of stuff off them. The shackles, although rated, are of very dubious quality (threads are basically stripped due to poor machining). A mate bought an albright and they sent him a Chinese copy. When he complained they apologised and said they had run out of albrites but would change it for him if he returned it. However he also order a small snatch block which they were also out of stock and they sent him a large one for the same price!

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If it helps, a Senior Member on SayNoTo0870 posted:

"In my experience if it is about sales companies are not fussed about giving out their geog numbers. A direct email enquiry resulted in the following information:

Their 0870 number gets diverted to a geographic number in Ireland:

00353 74 937 0089

(which can be called for ½p/min via one of the 0844 access numbers on Martin Lewis' site http://callchecker.moneysavingexpert.com/i...ker/index.php.)

and Paul Dutton's mobile number is:


Note the rider from that site:

"... posts are NOT endorsed by SAYNOTO0870.COM, please exercise due caution when acting on any info from here."


Mobile phone number removed by Mog at the request of Paul Dutton

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There is a few things we need to address here -


Firstly I do not appreciate my personal mobile number being posted on forums - PLEASE REMOVE IT.

As for the faulty albright, we have tried on numerous occasions to contact the purchaser to arrange collection of the faulty unit, we have had no responses via email. We did receive an email asking for delivery 50 miles from the original postal address. - PLEASE CONTACT US and I will as stated in our original email replace the unit, upon return of the faulty one- which we will collect.

Our shackles are tested and rated and are sourced from a reputable company in the UK, they are not cheap imports.

As for the phone number - yes like a number of companies we use an 0870 number, this is to reduce the cost to you the customer as we have an office in Ireland which is where the phone is diverted to this saves you the cost of an international call - which WE pay for.

We hold stock in both UK and Ireland and have been serving both markets successfully for the last few of years.

Finally we have a large VERY HAPPY customer base with a lot of repeat business.

Paul Dutton

Paidia 4x4

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