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Changing Rear door tops only?


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Hi gents,

I'm looking at an '88 Rangie and it looks really solid elsewhere in all the usual nasty places, but the rear door tops where the black frame meets the door skin at the rear is fairly corroded on both doors.

Can the top frames (black part that is the glass surround) alone be changed, or is it easier to change the whole door for a better one and respray? There are plenty of decent doors about, but was just wondering if I dug down far enough are there just bolts for the top frame?

Cheers for help,


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The door tops just bolt in. You have to completely strip the door to get them out though. Not a difficult job , just remember where each bolt / screw came form and make sure it goes back in the same place! :lol:

Aha! That's usually where I look down after a job well done and realise I have some new items to go in the 'spare' nuts and bolts jar! :huh:

Cheers BishBosh!

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