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Swivel Ball retaining bolt options?


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I'm overhauling my front swivels and was rather nervous of rounding off the bi-hex bolts holding the Swivel Ball to the Axle.

I took my time and used a good spanner and everything went ok.

Now that I'm ready to put things back together, I'm wondering whether to use the orignal bolts or replace them.

If I replace them is it possible to get a hex bolt alternative rather than the Bi-Hex (p.n. TYG100590)

Also, is there a good technical reason why Bi-Hex is used in a place so prone to muck and hence rust!



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Take a view on what they will be like next time you need to remove them. Not exactly a major financial decision :lol:

Same with the brake caliper bolts which are nicely tucked away as well. If in doubt, I would replace - you just need to read some of the threads on here about the nightmare people have removing rounded off caliper bolts.

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