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GPS with O/S mapping.

Les Henson

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I was looking at buying a GPS today with O/S mapping. Unfortunately the shop assistant didn't know if O/S was included and the spec sheet, box, or indeed the Garmin website doesn't say if it's included. I want a larger screen GPS, so was looking at the TomTom one and the Garmin Nuvi 610T. Does anyone know if O/S mapping (or equivalent) is already in the unit or can be installed?



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As far as i am aware you will not buy a GPS that can run OS mapping.

However you can buy machines that have built in Gps that will run o/s mapping eg: Pda's, palm tops, laptops etc...

And quite handily they now do a sat nav system that will also run o/s mapping giving the best of both worlds.

This is portable and can be moved from car to car and is about the same size as a Tomtom or any of them for that matter.

The only GPS that has any mapping available is the Garmin and that is only quite basic.


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I have a Mitac Mio 210 pda which has a built in GPS

IT quite happily runs Memory Map for OS mapping or aerial photography and TomTom for SatNav

No issues with it unlike its predecessor the 168 (I think) which I had 2 with speaker problems on both


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i killed three birds with one stone recently and got myself a 02 Xda orbit mobile phone.

it's more of a pda really, but the beauty of it is that it has a built in gps antenna and runs a windows mobile o.s. so it will run memory map AND TomTom, it's all proper touch screen controls etc and work brilliantly, you can stick in a 2gb micro memory card and it also accepts an external gps antenna for added signal strength. flippin fabulous!

oh, and it only cost me £40 on a twelve month contract!! :D

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I got the N95 to this job but then decided to build a PC in my car. Running into a few problems with getting the OS to load. Only I space on the mother board to plug the HD in and I also need the ext CD drive to plug in to load it. But I will sort it. When it's done it'll be running MM with a 7" touch screen. All in a small cse easily removed from the car and moved to the next.

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Hi Les

All you can get with Garmin is Topo GB, which is topographical mapping with data supplied by O/S. It does show tracks etc but reviews I've seen are not favourable.

Someone on here who was at the last Wales trip, maybe with Geoff was running it on there 60cx and rated it though.



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Thanks for your help so far. I spent nearly all day going round PCWorld, Maplins, Dixons, Staples, etc with no luck at all from them.

If I bought this PDA, could I load MM into it and use it as a normal GPS?



I'm lookign at a similar PDA solution myself (but 2nd hand cos I got no dosh...) and have looked at problems with running MM on a PDA with a satnav (like TomTom) system installed. I is certainly doable, and in some cases it can be easy, but some people find it 'interesting'. See http://www.memory-map.co.uk/board/index.php?showtopic=6711 for one such story...

It would appear from my researches that running MM and TT at the same time is not possible - that you have to stop one program and then start the other. Unless anyone knows different? This would be a bit of an inconvenience when green laning perhaps...


p.s. In the above link - which I have now read more fully - it says:

Have now found the way to have MM and TT6 happy together on the Ipaq rx5935:-

1) default setting of GPS is COM1 at 9600 baud for TT , automanage active and COM7 as second port. (Use/ check GPS settings )

2) Install MM and set GPS for NMEA and COM7 but set BAUD RATE at 9600

3) Immediate response and contact with GPS

4) Exit MM and TT will start OK.

N.B. TT does not seem to respond if the COM1 is set to 4800 and neither does MM on COM7!

ON NO ACCOUNT SET MM to Sirf, it can messs up the whole issue.

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Do you 'need' a small format solution, like a PDA?

Probably essential if you are using the map while walking, but for in-car use (or leaning on the bonnet discussing a route) then I'd have thought a tablet PC with a 10" screen, a bluetooth dongle, and a modern bluetoothed GPS receiver, would have you fixed, for a lot less money and a much more viewable screen.

Almost anyone can navigate as the GPS pointer shows them where they are, so they can call up junctions, whatever.

I haven't got there yet, but a work colleague says even his wife is was enthusing about being able to map read (Memory Map) with this setup. It's what I'm going for as the gateopener in our Green Lane expeditions (roll on Saturday!).

Just an alternative, suggested without knowing the full planned circumstances of use.

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I've got an O2 XDAII (make sure you get the II as Jonathan's just bought an XDA and it doesn't have Bluetooth!) with bluetooth GPS receiver which happily runs TomTom and Memory Map (though not simultaniously, you can close one program and then open the other fine though). They can be found on ebay for less than £100, GPS is about £25.

I've also just bought a Panasonic Toughbook CF-M34, again from ebay for £71 delivered, having had a play about with Dave Lovejoys one. 8.4" touchscreen, Windows 2000, 10gb HD and very solidly built. If I can find some software to rotate the screen then I'm thinking of mounting it on the roof with the screen flipping down for the navigator, if not then it's small enough to mount on the dashboard somewhere.

This is only to run Memory Map (TomTom won't work on it) and I'm waiting for a GPS-USB cable to test it out but from what I've read I'll be able to run both at the same time from the same GPS - MM on the Laptop and TomTom on the PDA - bling!

Hope that gives you a few more options...


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I think the Road Angel Navigator 7000 does pretty much everything you're after.


Has top down street level navigation like Tom Tom, allows route recording like the Garmin and also runs Memory Map straight off the SD card. Should get change out of £300 for it and it comes complete with a copy of Memory Map for the PC, only includes maps for National Parks though. Also alerts you when you're approaching a Constabulary Cash Point but that's less of a concern in a Land Rover :D

I've been looking for something along these lines for a while and this is the best option I've seen so far.

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I did investigate the Road Angel Adventurer 7000 and the Navigator 7000. I went into Staples, who had them on the shelf and the sales guy told me that Memory Map can't be used in them!!

I went out and bought an HP Ipaq 5935 this morning (PCWorld 'Tech Guys' told me that you can't put Memory Map in it, but you bluddy can). I have a copy of Memory Map on the way as well, so it looks like I'm sorted at last.

You'd think that the people that sell these things would know about them. :angry:


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Just to help clear a few things up; any Windows PDA will run Memory Map. Some have built-in GPS receivers so need no other additional equipment to give you a moving map GPS system. If yours has not got a built-in antenna, then you can either run a bluetooth antenna, or for many you can get a cable antenna. Bluetooth is probably easier, but you pays your money....

Currently, the only sat-nav GPS of the conventional single box type that will run Memory Map is the Road Angel 7000. This is fine for most needs. It has a flaw however in that it has no keyboard interface, so you cannot type in co-ordinates. The only way to enter a waypoint is to insert one using the stylus, then drag it to where you want it. Do-able, but less than ideal.

For most people going laning etc, it is fine. Challenge cars will find it less useful due to this one shortcoming. On the plus side, it is waterproof (unlike PDAs), and can be used for walking, mountain biking etc, as it has an 8 hour battery life. Of course, it also has the on-road sat-nav software, with camera database.

They are available at Gigglepin, as is Memory Map.

I hope this clears up a few misconceptions.

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