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Last night I discovered that one of my front mud sheilds has been causing a rattle and is a little knackered

So thinking about taking it off and not replacing - and might as well do the same to the rest rear axle is also disc braked.

Just before I do wondering what you have done and why ...........

My 90 is just a off road toy + taking rubbish to the dump etc not my daily drive so don't think it will make alot of difference

Could be a can of worms opening but I'd be interested


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I don't think the roads in Chichester will give you any problems so bin them for the reasons already stated.

In other parts of the world it is a different story and they make a huge difference to brake pad wear driving at speed on unsurfaced roads especially if they are wet clay or something abrasive. I dumped the ones on the back of my old red 300Tdi 90 when they cracked up, and after I wore a new set of rear pads out in 3000 miles :huh: I fitted some new ones fairly shortly afterwards...!

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Er...........my series has disks all round including the handbrake!!! I was being serious!!



Ah ok - humble apologies, coat on and climb back into box :unsure: I thought it was a little test to see how long it would take the observant to work out that drum brakes probably don't have disc guards :lol:

I do have an excuse though, I can't quite see your Series from here :)

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Throw 'em away.

Bought and fitted some new ones when I renewed my swivels, have driven me bonkers ever since.

At the first sign of mud and water I spend the rest of the day braking and swerving around to try to stop the mechanical mayhem and squealing from the front end. Or was that a rambler ? Hmmm :P

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