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fancy a day out next year?


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Drive Round Days (DRD)

The guy who runs the Bampton site I use for challenge events also offers drive around days. These consist of a typical days driving from 1030 to 1630hrs around his farm and associated tracks/rivers/woods and linking roads. It is a relaxed affair with bring your own lunch/drinks etc, and is non competitive and I suppose you could call it advanced greenlaning. There is generally some deep water (over the bonnet) some good river driving and some excellent ascents/descents with some winch work at times!

I have provisionally put together some dates to judge the interest level for next year, these days can only run Nov through until Apr. The Nov one is already full as a freebie to guys who have Marshalled for my events but the proposed dates for next year are:

either the Sat or Sun depending on dmd:

10/11 Feb

2/3 Mar

23/24 Mar

6/7 Apr

27/28 Apr

The bad news, we are limited to 6 vehicles otherwise the convoy is too long! Cost £35 per vehicle for unaccompanied trips assuming complete convoy of 6 vehicles (ie £210 for the day split 6 ways) Instruction is possible please email/pm for further details.

Vehicles, advised MT tread pattern tyres, no Simex! and at least a winch between 2 vehicles and a snorkel would be a good idea. (although note that any of the sections can be missed out/driven around if you want to give it a miss). Vehicle must be taxed and insured as public roads will be used. Please be advised that everything you drive you can opt out of (with some reversing) there is a risk of vehicle damage. In the past the route has been used by susukis, P38s and 90s and possibly others

Quite a few off here participated last year on various outings, the J33P club even had a sole day for their use and even Walfy managed to drive around without the red mist coming in and him breaking his truck!!!!

these days are just aimed to get people out and have a good time without the road work normally associated on greenlanig trips. I would also argue that the lanes are typical of all the best green lanes you have ever done, one after the other!

In addition i can arrange dates to suit you for a similar day out on the Wellington site.

Some pics from previous days:









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Sorry my mistake in the original txt, Weeble is correct all dates are Sun or Mon and one will be chosen depending on Dmd.

Yes David i did think about doing one over the Christmas period.....

Jim - tyres.... what you going to put them on and please note 09 dates haven't been published yet.

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