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phone www.rotec.net in Taunton and ask to speak to Richard Renfrew he gave me great advice when i looked into this a while ago.

They are one of the largest fitters of hydrualic systems to utility vehicles in the UK (or so they told me) and also an official supplier of Galtech pumps- they can do all the calcs you need and tell you what pump you can fit- it's not as simple as just bolting on a different motor if you want the system to work effectively.

i do have the scans of the types of motor that you can fit, but they are in work unfortunately so you'll have to wait for tomorrow.

It's a splined shaft of some sort- but can't remember the exact specs.

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[Whisper] Look in the tech archive…………….


It’s a 6B spline ………… OK to 3800in/lbs...............and the mounting Flange is SAE A



The motor is usually a ‘Whites Hydraulics’ (Yankee firm)

Go here and then download the pdf's for the 200 series motors ............http://www.whitehydraulics.com/productPages/RS.html

If you look at the specs this motor can be made to go very quickly with the right flow & pressure............ mine has suffered a lot of abuse and is still going strong




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