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35 spline Salisbury


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Ok I searched and found 1 reasonable post. I am toying with the idea of fitting a yank tcase and as it will be part time I am concerned that alot of torque and alot of weight will be too much for a sal to handle. So has anyone done the macnamara 35 spline? any details ? D60 thing? or in the post I found they talked about a tranny axle!!!. Any pics or more info would be much appreciated. Also can't just put another axle in as the current one has been widened to fit vehicle so uses 2 standard long 1/2 shafts.


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The MCnamara 1 1/2'' 35 spline kit consists of Dana 60 or rebroached Salisbury side gears, 2 halfshafts, 2 drive flanges, and 2 new larger spindles (stub axles). The kit I got also include larger wheel bearings and larger single lip oil seals. Your hubs need to be bored out to accept the larger bearings. I machined the oil seal diameter down on the spindles to retain the standard double lip double spring LandRover hub seals because the ones supplied were not very effective.


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