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On-board air


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Having just got me a V-pulleyed air-con pump to fit to the V8, I'm now beginning to think about fittings etc. My main problem is: What size tank to use? To start with it'll only be used to inflate tyres, but I eventually want to run a rattle-gun etc from it too. It will get light use as I'm no ladoga entrant .

I realise it'll have to be regulated to 6.5 bar for tools, but I plan to store at about 10 bar, so what sort of size tank am I looking at to give me a decent few seconds burst on a rattle gun before it runs out of puff? It wants to be as small as possible and fit under the bonnet - would half a gallon be enough?

Cheers guys


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I got a party tank a while ago but chickened out from using it cos it's plastered in warnings about not re-using as an air cylinder :unsure:

How about fitting / making a hand throttle to pin the rpms at 1500 or so, then it really chucks the air out :lol:

Fitting a 1 gallon tank to mine (from Matt Savage)

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Ive used a few of them and converted a couple more for other people - no probs encountered, the blow off disc is set to 20bar from memory - with the system pressure switch set to click on keep and it topped up to 150psi theres enough puff to reseat a 36x12 simex and still have a substantial safety margin :)

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Tom are you fitting this to a defender?

I'm in the middle of the same, but i've come up against problems with the compressor mounting.

(RR mount does not have correct offset for Def, and Def mount is meant for disk type compressor & sanden then fouls the rocker covers)

Just interested what you have found...


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