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Part # and price required - 4.6 knock sensor


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I want to add knock sensing on the 109 to help with tuning and running on dodgy fuel. The 4.6's had knock sensors as standard but I can't find a part number or more importantly, a price.

Also, does anyone know if they had any signal conditioning unit in the line? Some cars do, and if so that would be very useful as it saves me setting up a generic one.

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IIRC the early sensor ERR5594 screws into the block ………….. the later sensor bolts to the block.

I have an early sensor somewhere here ………………… I look it out tonight JU ……….. its free if its any good to you.



Cheers Ian, I'd like to have a play to see how easy it is - unless LR have a separate conditioner box for it I'm going to have to tune a circuit up to get it working. This could take me a while :rolleyes:

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