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Fitting ETG Probe to 200tdi


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Just got myself an ETG gauge and probe. :)

Where is the best place to tap in, on a 200tdi, to mount the probe?

I'd prefer, if possible, to do it in-situ, rather than remove the manifold.


ive seen ppl fit them on the flat where the egr valve fits on later engines which seems a reasonable place, dropping metal swarf into the turbine housing is not the best thing to do however so at the very least your going to want to remove the turbo from the engine

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ye and engines without it still have the flat section on the manifold? my 300tdi is early model without EGR and it has the flat

unless your engines from a defender in which case ive no idea as they have different exhaust manifolds and ive never seen one up close

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Hi gromit,

if you want to drill there you'll probably have to remove the manifold anyway :)

Its very quick and easy to remove, and i'll second the bit about removing the turbo, i'm refitting mine after a recon cos something got in it and ate it!

Pardon me if i'm being an idiot cos i know nothing about egt sensors but could you put it in the elbow just after the turbo? then you could drill and tap and the sensor would be more accessible there too?


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Gromit, the best place to have an EGT probe is as near as possible to the head and, preferably, taking the temperature of more than one port. In practice you could take readings anywhere but they won't give you such an accurate idea of the temerature inside the cylinders and as the gas hits the turbo. IMHO the best place to situate yours would be directly beneath the turbo mounting flange.

As far as driling in situ goes you could use a greased drill (cleaned and regreased regularly) bit followed by a greased cotton wool bud and you'll be fine. Personally I'd remove the turbo and drill downwards through the flange using the above method. You'll have no problems as long as you take it nice and steady.

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