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Slightly OT - Mitre Saw


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Need to get my stickly little mitts on a mitre saw that can manage a 180mm cut in one go.

I really only need one for a couple of nights but the cost of hire is about the same as buying one.

Not interested in deWalt etc. (well, I am but can't afford / justify the expense) but could convince SWMBO that buying a cheap saw would be money well spent... ;)

Anyone got any recommendations, or better still, anyone in the SW who would be willing to rent theirs out for a few beer tokens? ;)

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Make sure you get a sliding version.

I unfortunately got a large disc but fixed one and it does limit the size of wood to cut. Mine does to about 110mm I think. Have managed to do larger by turning over but not ideal.

Sliding versions greatly increase size you can cut.

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Thanks to all for your offers and advice, particularly Mr Henson :banned::lol::lol:

Mr Watts, I shall be darkening your door one day after school! Ta muchly. :i-m_so_happy:

Alternatively, do what everybody else in the Bristol area seems to do - go and buy one at your local friendly B&Q store - use the machine, then take it back with your receipt a couple of weeks later - tell them that blue sparks came out of it, and get your money back. A bit like a HSS hire shop, only it's free.

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My mitre saw wasn't quite wide enough for the laminate flooring - bandsaw did a lovely job though, and it was less work :) Guess it depends whether you can get your hands on a powered mitre saw. Mine isn't - it's basically a handsaw mounted in a jig. Works very well, but it's fine toothed so it's hard work when you've a lot of cuts to make.

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