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Spare wheel mount dimensions


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I'm trying to come up with a solution to mounting my bigger-than-standard spare wheel in the back of my Range Rover..... Why the Defender forum, then, I hear you ask - bear with me!!

I've got an idea to mount a standard defender/series spare wheel mounting bracket (the rear door type) on the inner wing, but don't have one and haven't got a vehicle close by to be able to measure...

Can comeone give me the dimensions of the back plate and the length of the 3 studs that come off of it please? Also, how many mounting holes are there in the back plate?

Much obliged...


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10 1/2" across

7 1/2" up/down

3 off 8" studs also used as mounts through rear door.

11 M6 retaining bolts

           B        B
     B                  B

B                              B

B                              B

     B                  B


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Cheers for the dimensions chaps...

Mo - I will take you up on the offer, but am not sure when I'm next in your neck of the woods! Will drop you a message once SWMBO has spoken to her mum and arranged something - if you don't mind holding on to it for now...


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