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07MY Defender 110 SW Commercial


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Quick question - has anybody on here got one of these or know of one they can look at? In other words one of the 5 seat 110 station wagons with the plain rear sides, i.e. no slidey leaky side windows.

I am trying to order one at work and Land Rover claim that the 110SW Commercial model does not exist :angry: there is something called a "Utility Pack" which I thought was the option for getting the plain rear sides but turns out to be some stupid electrified windows or something.

It doesn't appear as a model on the LR website though :unsure: but I am quite sure I didn't imagine their existence!

If you have one please could you post or PM me? Ideally looking for a VIN number I can send with a message along the lines of "look this up on your ruddy computer and build me one the same!!!"

Ta :)

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