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Oil in my ECU plug!


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Hi guys..

I have just added a wire-in performance upgrade to my 2002, 110 TD5. When i disconnected the red ECU plug, i noticed oil within the plug and all over the wires. It looks like oil is running along the wires from the engine and collecting in the large plug. Has anybody else experienced this? Or any ideas whats causing this?



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Thought the problem had been cured by 02. Problem is in the injector loom in the head feeding oil into the main engine loom. Fix is to replace the injector loom (easy job, £40 or so parts) and flush out the oil from the ECU plug with brake cleaner or other sqiurty solvent, you may have to repeat this several times. Official advice is to replace the engine loom as well but this costs nearly £400 and a pain to change, flushing plug should be OK although I had to empty oil out of the ECU as well :blink:

Be interesting to hear what you think of the wire in unit, many owners find this method isn't that good and go for a proper ECU retune in the end.

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