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07 year 300tdi CSW Nice

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hi jim

i did speak to the garage owner he confirmed 300tdi like the current wolf set up i did not look under the bonnet so can't confirm TD5 or 300tdi

he said they were new this year and had have been on service and were in for a normal 1st service he did have three but only one left when i took the pics

yes the back is wolf set up and they look very clean all and less than 3000 miles it was parked behind a current wolf they were fitted with a very late TD5 roof rack



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Stiil very nice though....

and where exactly was this garage..... grid ref..... 1-picture4.gif1-picture4.gif1-picture4.gif

just pan the last pic with the recovery unit in front and it will be plane to see in the back ground up high

i go every to tuesday to winsor have chat with the guy he informs me each vehicle has a 10k buget when that is spent it gets cast and he can't buy them they all go to withams about four weeks ago he had 20+ snatch wagons from the gulf all full of sand he had the contract to remove the v8 and install new 300tdi nice job

he as beford tks a lot and the new pzziuzurs or is it pinzuurbekif you know that carp looking thing that replaced the 101


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Guest diesel_jim
just pan the last pic with the recovery unit in front and it will be plane to see in the back ground up high

Actually, i do recognise that place! i was in Windsor casle last month (had a weekend there and at wimbledon watching the tennis!) and we parked in the coach park the other side of the foot bridge.

there is a gym tucked up in tha corner isn't there?

i noticed some military kit parked there when i was walking over the bridge..... will have to pop down there with several low loaders! :ph34r::ph34r::lol:

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