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V6 auto box problem

Les Henson

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Been to look at a broken down Freelander V6 Auto this afternoon.

The guy was towing just over 2-tons when he suddenly lost all drive. There is a really loud gear grating noise coming from the underside of the gearbox close to where the selector shaft comes out the bottom - perhaps slightly higher and towards the N/S wheel. I can feel the grating as well as hear it. There's a round casing close to the wheel arch and it has a crack in it, but it's not known if this was a result of the loss of gears - there's no oil leaking out. Only does it in drive - the engine starts and runs fine otherwise. Driveshafts have no play in them, and it looks fine from underneath. In my experience of other auto boxes I would say that the gearbox has had it.

Any suggestions as to what might be the problem and is it fixable, or replace the box?

Can the transfer case be seperated from the gearbox while it's still on the vehicle, or does the whole lot have to come off as one and then be split ? It looks to me like the box comes out down/through the N/S wheel arch - same as a lot of cars nowadays.



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LR say you can't fix the Jatco box and last time I looked there were only a handful of bits available - seals etc - for on the outside of the box and no internal parts. I think Ashcrofts now offer a recon one though, and that's probably the best option. From what I read - admittedly some time ago now - it looked fearsomely complicated and truly a specialist job to repair.

I don't have RAVE installed on the home PC at the moment and the laptop is at SWMBO's house but I am pretty sure the engine and gearbox is supposed to come out as one lump on a KV6 which I am sure is a really fun job and I envy you lots :)

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