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Why is building a car such a mare!


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Having a bit of a nightmare with my D-Lander build, i seem to spend my life waiting for another part to be able to continue:

I can't finish the ali work on the floors until the sliders arrive....sliders not ready yet :(

I can't finish the ali tub work until the inner arches arrive, or fit out the rest of the engine bay unitl they arrive - one set sent, courior lost them! another on its way! :angry:

My wiring plugs turned up this morning, all rareing to go until i reasised i had no wiring diagram :unsure: so cant finish the loom off

I cant do simple things like make brackets with fixings in them because my riv-nut tool broke the mandrel last weekend....replacement rumored to be several weeks off!

ARGH! Going bleeding insane, i just want to be able to crack on and get her finished but everything seems to be playing against me :(

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Your doing better than me I gave up on two builds already

Pug rally car. (gave up before I started)

Tomcat. (gave up and sold)

I have sorced a body and already have the chassie for my next challenge but I've changged jobes to I can have a little time to work on it.

So keep at it

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I shant give up - dam car owes me a fortune now and i have a garage full of bits (winches, seats etc etc!) i'm just dying to get out there and play properly again and see what she can really do.

I must admit i'm planning my nest toy as well, best finish this one first tho, and find somewhere with loads of space to move to so i can fit them all in!

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Persevere and be prepared to walk away for a break - an hour, week, month (whatever it takes). There will be times when you're sick to the teeth of the bloody thing, so leave it and go and do something else. I've completed on my house, moved in and fitted the new kitchen and now I'm raring to go again on the racer. By having a break , I've got loads of enthusiasm again. The car's going for paint next week and then it'll get built back up, and then I can start the next project.

Just remember, you're building something totally unique, so everything is the equivalent to a prototype part, and has to be designed to suit, as well as trying to project manage the build, getting all the bits together at the right time. It's a lot more difficult than most people think, as its not just about building the car, it's also about keeping yourself motivated when all seems to be against you.

Best of luck, and you know that loads of us are rooting for you. :)


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