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LED based side lamps

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I need to replace sidelamps and indicators since the white base units are crumbling. THe fron N/S indicator is now terribly sporadic and I am uncomfortable with it.

I was going to go for NAS but have just read about Bearmach LED units. They seem very pricey and I wondered if anyone knew how good they were.

Alternatively could I try to source LED clusters to fit inside NAS units and get roughly the same effect for significantly less £££s (I hope)?

Any thoughts would be helpful.



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I'd just fit the later 300Tdi sidelight units, the bulb holder is seperate & the lens/backplate is one piece, just 2 screws hold them to the body.

Agreed, go for these or the NAS units until LED prices drop and become more common, indicators also need additional jiggery pokery to work. To fit either late Defender or NAS to yours you need new plugs but if you look on fleabay there are usually guys offering NAS units with plugs pre wired for earlier motors. Original lamps are even cheaper if you buy a full set and shop around, NAS do look good though!

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Thanks - useful to get a better informed view.

I do rather like the NAS style, so something like


would do the job and I can make up my own connectors using small VWP female spades?

If so, then I will get order off quick since sooner it is fixed the better.

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