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Spal Electric Fan Kit Installation


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I bought a Spal electric fan kit this week which I bought from Famous Four. Magansfolly kindly offered to help me fit it to my 110. Story as follows...

One kit. PLEASE check the wiring harness has compatible male and female connectors. Mine had differing shapes, so we took one connector apart and heat-shrunk the spade terminals to the female.


Removing the old viscous fan unit was easier than we thought. Thanks to Les's Tech post, it was off in 5 minutes.


We drained the coolant by putting a hose length in through the top of the radiator and expelling it thus.

As we later discovered when we had to cut the bottom hose, it would have been easier just to drain the whole system, but we'd have missed out on the taste of antifreeze... :P


Space for the fan...


Spal fan in place. Please note the instructions request 2 x 5mm dia. holes are drilled into the rad surround for the two lower metal brackets. How on earth you're supposed to get a drill in there is anyone's guess. We found a convenient drainage (?) hole in the chassis just below this and pop-rivited one single bottom bracket into place.


The thermostat in place. This is one of the reasons why I bought this kit. It addresses the Kenlowe's main weakness by using a decent thermostat. Admittedly, E-Eng lost out, but the kit costs the same as the Kenlowe and £30 is, well 3000 new pee. Hope it works.


Relay plus earth in place. Not ideal place but the fuses are in a waterproof housing. Time will tell.


Testing. This was after 30 minutes of the engine being run. Couldn't get the coolant hot enough, so we ended up going for a drive. Still couldn't get it to kick in. We manually switched the fan on just to make sure.


The fan will be connected to a 2-way switch so that I can turn it off completely when wading and turn it on permanently if required. I just forgot to order the switch connector to complete this job.

Many, many thanks to Matt (Megansfolly) for his unending patience and generosity!!

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