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Changing bulb on speedo


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Hi gents,

Just bought an '88 classic and loving it. When driving it home, noticed once it had got dark outside that the only bulb that seems to be blown is the one that lights up the needle on the speedo. All the others work. This made judging speed pretty difficult!

Can anyone tell me how to change this and what type of bulb I'll need please? Does binacle have to come off or what?



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Update - I took the back of the binnacle off today and found that mine is a bunch of individual bulbs that twist in about a quarter turn to lock.

I found one in about the right place that would illuminate the needle on the speedo, but when I removed it, the filament didn't look broken? It's the same as all the other bulbs in the binnacle. When you say fibre optic, do you just mean the light source to the whole binnacle itself or a fibre optic feed to each individual bulb?

Can a bulb stop working without the filament actually snapping? :blink: Any other ideas what might have happened?

These are tiny little bulbs on what looks like a fairly specialised holder, does anyone know if they canbe bought from a regular electrical supplies store? Out in New Zealand so getting parts is proving tricky, not to mention costly! It's still cheaper to order and pay for delivery from Paddock's than it is to use Landy Spares places in New Zealand! :angry:

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