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Defender 200 Tdi dash vs Defender Td5 dash


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I prefer the older/your existing dash, more storage space & to clean it up, take the tray out then wash & polish with black boot polish, worked for me.

I see what you mean Ralph, but the top part of mine is split, hence when i saw the ebay bits i was interested.

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The only compatibility problem would be the top rail with the demist vents in it. If yours are the longer variety then you'll be ok but if they are the earlier short type then you'll need to enlarge the rectangular demist holes in the top of the bulkhead and make new holes for the little self-tapper inserts (you may find the windscreen in the way to do this properly). Or use your old top rail.

I'm not sure when they changed the vent size. Perhaps you could tell us what yours is Ralph, since yours is a 200.



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My 110 is a '89 vehicle with the shorter demist vents, think they changed with the 300Tdi or Td5.


Dunc, that's a really awful picture in that link, I can't make out what it's meant to be. bit to expensive too

Yes, it is. Sorry.

Based on what you've said about the size of the vents and the price, i'll give it a miss!

I have an ulterior motive for making the 90 as perfect as possible; Once i've sold the DoKa i'll be selling the 90 to get an early Td5.

The wife decided that she loves the 90 more than she ever thought possible, so we're going to stick with the recipe and upgrade to a newer one. Come the new year we should have £7k-ish.

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