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PAS bolt fixing compatability


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I have a disco 200tdi PAS pump with the oil pipes

i have a 4 bolt steering box that was fitted with PAS pump and pipes from a TD.

the pipes are different at the pump end.

They look to be similar at the steering box end but does anyone know if they are the same? i wish to fit the tdi pump and HPressure pipe to the existing box.

Many thanks

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The pipes are the same at the box presuming the disco had a 4 bolt box , The Lpressure pipe on the TD will be the banjo type fitting ,These are easily changed or adapted , as the Pump is situated higher up on a disco engine , Maybee get Pirtek to make and swage an end on the Hp pipe to suit the Pump .

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Cheers Jase, just not sure what the disco had box wise??? it was an early tdi (L i think) may just pull it apart and have a look see! or else try and fit the td pump to the tdi engine is the other option although i foresee Hpressure pipe issues there as well as td pickup is on the rear of the pump!

LPressure i am happy with.

failing all that if i have to spend money then i will get the guys here to make a pipe up i guess.

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When I did the Disco 200TDi conversion from a TD engine the threads at the oil cooler end were different. This isn't a problem as the fittings unscrew out of the radiator and at that end the threads are the same, so just put the TD ones in the 200TDi oil cooler. The pressure pipe from the pump was totally different and we just got one made up.


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