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not the moment you want to discover you have the wrong paint...


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Wasn't laquer was it? Paint finishes tend to be base coat and then a clear laquer on top.


No, I have another tin with laquer in it, the offending tin has the correct landrover paint code written on the outside, just not the correct paint inside..

I think they have just sent me a tin with the carrier in it, without any pigment.

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If the paint you were supplied has been on a shelf for some time the tints will have settled to the bottom. The colour element & metallic/pearls - the tints - settle to the bottom & you will see a clear liquid. This is the 'binders' and will make up a large proportion of the can contents.

I assume of course that you HAVE tried stirring the contents?

Although the supplier might have cocked up :rolleyes:

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its an aerosol can which i shock for a good 10-15mins, so if it had settled it should have woken up.

I phoned the paint company who said it probably went out with just the 'carrier' in the tin, and no pigment... :angry::(

there should be a new tin in the post today... :rolleyes:

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