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The Old Place


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Taking a look over there now reminds me of when we vacated an industrial unit a couple years back. In the space of a couple of weeks it went from a hive of activity to an empty shell.

Sad, but thats life I guess


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Have I missed something, while I was 4x4ing in Norway? :huh:

Was there a threat of closure or words to that affect ?

I guess the "landlord" is finally getting what he always wanted in the first place. :angry:


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This drives me sad...


Although we have moved in such a nice place I had a great time

in the old forum,it was the 1st and best BB I ever came across

(but I'm confident this one will be even better in short time)

and 834 posts were hard to believe (thinking of myself)


I hope we haven't forgotten anyone behind


Ouff,I'm gettin old and sensible...


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The old place is still running and still accepting new members, wonder if there's been a re-think  :unsure:

Re-think Ralph ? You are too kind, i don't believe any thinking went into the events that percipitated our departure.............

Accountants don't think, at least in a linear sense, they think vertically as from top to bottom........ the bottom line being the most important thought........

I'd like to start a movement baning accountants from having anything to do with motorcars :rolleyes::lol:

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Maybe it was a calculated ploy to get rid of all the 'undesirables'?

but most of us are still members

Just read the last LROi and in the workshop section it says

"Technical advice is also available from fellow LRO reader on our website.............

for a mag led forum they seem to have a good idea about how to use the forum

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