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Brakes question


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Here's another one. If you brake hard in our Defender 90 TD5 (no ABS fitted) the rear wheels lock up. It actually feels like just the NSR wheel but I could be wrong there. The vehicle slews to the left and requires evasive action to retain control. It is worse in the wet of course but still happens in the dry (rear wheel or wheels lock up first) Now my question is, is that normal for this type of vehicle? Obviously when you brake hard the rear wheels are unloaded and are more likely to skid but is there not a compensator valve in the braking system as on a car? (My dealer says no) The Defender is a year old. I did have one on loan last month but it had ABS so I could not compare.

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one side locking would imply to me that something is wrong with the other calipers.

The front gets more pressure as standard to ensure it locks before the rear so i'd say that its possible the front disks/pads arent working properly, either because they are glazed or contaminated or the calipers are siezed

try taking the vehicle to around 60-70 mph and brake down to around 10mph, not trying to lock the brakes, just a normal braking effort, do this 10 times braking steadily harder each time so that the 10th time is just before them locking and accellerating normally between each. You will likely be able to smell brake pads at this point and it is VERY important u do not stop during or after this process until the brakes have cooled sufficiently. Once youve done the 10 stops take the truck for a highspeed drive for 10mins without any braking to cool the disks (motorway/duallie is ideal) and see how they are after that.

This process will hopefully remove any contaminants or glaze on the pads. Its VERY important u do not stop while doing it as coming to a halt with hot brakes can cause "warping", if u MUST stop due to traffic or whatever, release the brake pedal at about 5mph and stop the car with the handbrake, do not sit on the footbrake while stationary until youve got the brakes cooled down again

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