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don't they last about 20years without galvanising anyway?

I recently spoke to Gigglepin - they replacebulkheads but have it dipped - total cost 250 plus 250 or so...but I too assume they will last longer than i will keep the lr

Boltonbits on ebay also sell new bulkheads - not sure whether they are galvinised or not

I am in 2 minds about keeping my off road 90 which is great and also has a brand new 300 tdi and gearbox/transfer box - since the bulkhead will need work/replacing in te next 2 years

so i may sell - its not a project i would try =

but hope this helps


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Certainly the rot usually starts from the inside and to prevent this thorough Waxoiling is necessary.

When I did mine 7-years ago (brand-new 300TDi bulkhead) I applied the Waxoil before fitting.

First I had the bulkhead painted in 2-pack, then I taped up all the holes, turned it upside down and completely filled it with Waxoil (I did this on a nice hot day when the Waxoil could flow freely). Over the next few hours you could see the Waxoil trying to get past the tape as it filled all the internal sections. Eventually I turned it back up the right way and allowed it to drain before fitting it to the vehicle. Small amounts continued to drain out over the next few days but the total amount drained out was only a fraction of that applied. In addition, when fitting the bulkhead I used Waxoil on all the fittings and made sure things like the captive nuts for the door-hinge screws were generously coated.

About a year ago I had to remove a pair of door hinges and the nuts, screws, internal sections etc all looked like they had been assembled only the day before, the Waxoil had dried but was still soft & pliable (this is why I prefer it to normal underseal or Smoothright on chassis sections).

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Well FWIW I bought a new TD5 one and then got it blasted, galved and stuck it on my truck. Having done it there are minor things would do first next time, like removing the mesh, but I'm now convinced that the bulkhead is at far less risk of distortion from the galv process than the manual handling process which expects everything to be made from 10mm or thicker.

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