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Does anyone know of places (preferrably in the south) that will make me a 1 off "hood" for the D-Lander, basically i want to have the rear bulkhead 2/3 height with the top part filled with a removable canvass cover, fixes with poppers with a small flexi-plastic screen in the middle so i can still see out when its in place??


I'd want the pink bit in heave duty canvass, poppered to the back of the cage, below that will be an ali or carbon! bulkhead :)

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Theres a place in Wiveliscombe near Wellington called Adams Tarpaulings ( possably Addams) who make all sorts on lorry curtains and land Rover Tillts. We used to get all our new Land Rover tilts from them when we had a garage . Also used to make all our lorry sheets and curtains. I know they make one offs.

May be worth a try?.

I think they would want to see the vehicle though.

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