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Anybody used a Jag version of the ZFHP22 autobox?


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Sorry if you've read this post in members vehicles, I put it in the wrong place yesterday,

Just wondering if anyone had used the Jag version of the 4speed ZF non electric autobox (apparently used in some big BMW's, Volvo's and Pugeots also),

Benefits being, probably done less work, greater availability, chances of finding low mileage ones increased, and possibly built to stand more horses/torque that the big Jags have etc.

From what I can gather they are all the same ratio's, most of them start start to delvelop clutch band problems after 140Kish miles and the Jag breakers have a surplus of the things stating that " they rarely fail, so no call for em", making them cheap!!!

Anybody had a go or are more in the know than me, I can't see a reason with the exeption of the rear output flange (will it interchange?) why it wont work?

I've got to change mine again because it let go Sunday playing, so I can only pull away when locked down in 1st gear and then move up the gears as and when, but every time it stops back down to first again, it's the classic fault apparantly of when the sprag clutch goes and slips or inverts.

Over to you folk's :rolleyes:


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I guess if you have an old LR auto you will have the "Landrovery" bits needed to make it fit anyway as I seem to recall the differences are only in the rear end. Not sure how the ratios etc compare - might pay to talk to Ashcrofts as the other thing that might be a problem would be the torque converter - the Jag petrol engines probably develop their torque peak much higher than LR engines so the TC may be set up for that? just a guess mind you.

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