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Diff lock problem


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ive got no diff lock light, checked bulb and its fine. had a look at the switch on the transfer box and theres 12v going into it but only about half a volt coming out. dosent change when i engage or disengage the lock. just got this 90 so i cant really be 100% sure if its working just by driving it. low and high works fine.

any ideas what i could check..


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To see if the diff lock is actually working, when you engage it, you should notice that the steering/handling is noticeably different in that it doesn't like turning on hard surfaces. Only do a short test, as locking the diff on hard ground is not too nice on the transmission.

Otherwise you can jack up one front wheel. It should turn freely with the diff out, and not turn when the diff is locked.

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Thats usually because they sometimes need a bit of a run or gear change to disengage the difflock.

That wouldn't be the case if one wheel was raised, as there'd be no transmission wind to hold the diff in the locked position.

If you just spin the raised wheel back and forth, it should unlock. To your original question, it sounds like the lock is ok and it's the switch that's at fault.

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when i took it out of lock i did drive back and forward a few times to release it before jacking back up, wondering if its stuck on now!!!!

If one front wheel raised won't turn, then is stuck on.

The lever might be partially seized/mucky and preventing it moving to the full extent of its travel to unlock.

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