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Hybrids Seat Repairs

Corrode Finger

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My hybrid has a pair of RS turbo/ Cossy style recaro's, basically they were free and available, and i like them!

However, the rubber seat pad in both has now collapsed, so does anyone know of who or where and poss cost of getting them repaired, pref near to southampton?

This is what they look like!




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Don't know if it is still there but there used to be a car seat speciallist repairer just off bedford place in Soton. Behind the carpark that is opposite Fench's shoe shop (the large wooden fronted one). Was in a small white building IIRC.

Failing that, the seast are pretty cheap now - there's a guy in Poole who breaks RS turbos etc - in yellow pages. I got a pair from him a few years back and I think they didn't cost much.



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