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Black putty stuff for bodywork.


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As above, the non-setting black putty stuff that is found in gaps around doors and windows (in fact quite a lot of places!) on a Defender.

Anyone know what it is and/or where to get it from?


Its called "Seam Sealer" you can get it from Brown Brothers or other Bodyshop suppliers

Often its in grey or black comes in a tube a la silicon tube so you can then use the applicator


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Us coastal loonies all seem to use marine stuff. I have used Marineflex (which is basically a poly sealant) as a seam sealer. It is great stuff for sticking and sealing (used to put plastic windows into boats) and I plan to also use it to re-bed my rear door window. Dries reasonably quickly and can be painted over. Handy tip is (as probably with many sealants) to bed whatever you are fixing in, then let the Marineflex dry, then tighten the fixings up. This way you get a great seal.

Think I have some Sikaflex (it is the dogs do da's) hanging around so will have a look at it, but from memory I think it will remain a bit too sticky for the bits I am looking at doing. Would be great for bedding/sealing things like rear tub etc. though

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