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Glow Plug Light


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I was thinking about your starting issues and remembered that on mine the connector on the bottom of the glow plug relay had corroded quite badly, which gave me some starting issues, so coupled with the lack of light it might pay to have a look at the connector. The timer relay is attached to the back of the fuse box under the bonnet. You can see it in the picture you posted earlier.


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Yeah I'd noticed it there - I'll have a good check over and clean the contacts up.

When I left to go for my lunch I just went to start it straight up and normally I see a flicker of orange, but I didn't that time which I thought was strange but it started so I drove off, then when I came to start it again to come back I thought I'd put it on glow plugs which I did, and there was no light I waited a few seconds with the key in that position then went to start it and it just turned over - no fuel. Turned it off waited a few seconds then started it straight up and it started.

It just doesn't seem to like having the key in that position for long before it starts!

Thanks for your help with all this ;)

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Well I turned it on this morning, no glow plug light still, waited for the relay to click but never heard it, after 10 seconds or so I thought I'd better start it, so carried on turning the key and it struggled a bit but started.

When I got to work, I switched it off, then turned it back to glow plugs to see if I could get the relay to click, there was no glow plug light on, then suddenly it appeared then went straight off. I turned it off and back on again and now it shows straight away each time. I tried starting it after having the glow plugs on and it started up fine.

Very strange - but needs more testing - I do think though it's related to the glow plugs - I just can't think how they could stop fuel!

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Very strange...

It seems that the glow plug light now doesn't come on when I first come to start it, but if I wait for the relay to click it starts fine. Which seems very strange as it wouldn't start like that before.

After I've made my journey to work which is only 4 miles and I come to switch it off, if I try switching it back to the glow plugs then every time it doesn't come on then flashes on right at the end, then if I turn the keys off and on again the light comes on each and every time like normal.

My only thoughts are heat from the engine bay expanding something and making it a better contact, but it's starting fine without the light coming on, wheras when the light used to come on it wouldn't start.

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