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r380 ?


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not 100% sure on this but I think a new bellhousing and new input shaft will be required, you will probably find the bellhousing is only a genuine part but if you have an old box to cannibalise you might be able to get away with the cost of just a new input shaft. May also need changes to the selector position although it may be the same if both are Defender boxes - the box is in the same position in the vehicle as far as I know.

I'm sure Dave Ashcroft would know :)

Gearbox demise followed engine demise?

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Guest diesel_jim

jim Pendleton in the US (he's a regular on pirate4x4 and the D90 yahoo list) sent me an email ages back explaining it.

apparently he's done a few of them, and it is just the bellhousing and input shaft.

this is only word of mouth... i've never done it before though.

and i've got a 300Tdi R380 bellhousing here if you need one for the price of a 4 pack. :lol:

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Does this need a strip of the box?

Steve it is more like total front to rear issues, rear diff is sounding very unhappy, never rains but it pours :(

A TD5 R380 will be newer and hopefully last longer.

The other good thing is that the later Td5 age R380s have some beefier internal bits (bigger bearings and stuff I think, Dave may be able to confirm). We certainly don't get many gearbox failures on new ones these days, which wasn't the case in the early R380s.

Mine is now coming up to 4000 miles and loosening up just nicely but you can't have it :)

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