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90 door pillars and bulkhead repairs

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I've got a lot of rust on the top corners of my bulkhead and on the door pillars below the bottom hinges.

I'm presuming that if I want to repair these sections using the repair panelsi need to take off the doors to provide access as well as the windscreen and front wings.

I've just read some threads regarding door hinges and that it's probably worth replacing the screws but does anyone have any other tips as to what it would be worth replacing at the same time?

Or does anyone have any tips on the best way to reapir these sections?



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I have just put mine back together again having done this job (2 x top corners and 1 footwell).

You will need to remove the whole lot - doors, wings, floors, windscreen and probably some of the dash. When you start taking it apart, there will be more rust than you can see now.

As has been discussed on here several times, if you have the time and someone to help lift, it is probably easier to just swap the bulkhead for a new/good one. It has taken me 2 weeks (not full time, but not far off!!) to repair and repaint. The reasons I repaired were that I didn't have a reliable assistant to help lift bulkhead on/off, security (vehicle is outside) and I wanted to practice my newly found welding skills.

You can buy new door pillars and bulkhead corners etc. but again, recommendation would be replace it. Especially taking off door pillars where you will have alignment issues as well.

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Thanks Western

Did you run into any difficulties when doing the top corners?

is there anything would have done differently or would have liked to have known before?

I think I'm going to strip down the areas and do pillars and top corners at the same time.

I need to do my footwells at a later date but might go for YRM footwell panels.

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It's a weekends work, Steve. As said above, be prepared to find more rust especially along the top under the windscreen so buy some extra material to allow you to patch outside of the replacement corners.

Do the footwells whilst you have the welder out and the bulkhead dismantled.

Good luck


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