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Tyre Sizes


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I will soon be looking for some new boots for my 90, I have used Grizzly Claws for the last 18 months which have been great off road but mega wheel wobble on road, so I am trying to find a common compromise.

Obviously size does matter, my 90 currently runs Cooper 255x85x16 but I want to find out how much higher / lower they are to the 265x75x16 I had on my RRC

I like the look of the Recip Trial, any comments?

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Nominally your 255 should have been about 33" & similarly the 265s about 32 " but there is a fair variation from nominal figures (ie according to industry standards) & what you actually get. It seems that very aggressive Muds can be quite a bit bigger than nominal sizes hence the only way you can be totally sure is to measure or have measured on a case by case basis the tyres you want to compare. Sorry, its about as good as I can offer. Someone else might be able to post some sizes, it would help to know what brand your 265s were.


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Steve had a very good point about different dimensions for tires with the same nominal size. Even sticking to the same brand, a MT usually has a bigger diameter then an AT.

There are several sites offering exact dimensions, including most manufacturers and some retailers like offroadreifen

As for the Recip Trials, 2 of my mates run them on their RRCs and are very pleased! Very good performance offroad and decent manners onroad. The large sidebiters really make a difference. The 235/85R16 is a good 32", which is the largest size they come in, IIRC. Otherwise, I would probably also run them instead of genuine Mickey Thompson Baja Claws.



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What is the largest size tyre that you can fit to a standard set up 90? I've tried searching for it as I'm sure it must be covered many times over but this was the closest matching thread I could find :rolleyes:

I used to run my last 4x4 on 33x12.5s Kumho MT's which seemed almost unstoppable but I believe I can't quite get that large on the Defender without lifting or using spacers.

I have been told that 235/85 R16's are about the limit but was hoping I could use 265/75's for the extra width B)

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