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What do you want to eat??


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The date is set for my new Show next year - the 26th and 27th April.

The venue is set: Welshpool, Powys. ( out on a bit of a westerly limb but very good access from both the Midlands and the Northwest )

The name is on the way... possible " The Land Rover Weekend"...

One of the key features of the show is to be decent catering for the campers. I have already approached a caterer who will happily come along but I want to make sure we get what we want not what he wants to sell to us!

There is to be a large marquee with the bar in it and also tables and benches for the diners. The meals must be prebooked with the camping to guarantee getting one so waht shall we have?

Sat ? Sun mornings are easy - a cooked breakfast. But what is a fair price for a good hearty english breakfast? Please remember the caterer has to make a living and I have to hire the marquee and tables etc. so offers of £1 will be refused but what is a fair price you would be happy to pay?

Saturday night? What about a curry with rice and naan bread? ( Chicken or veggie option I suppose). How much?

Friday night? Less campers probably but what could we have?

Any answers gratefully received or if someone knows how to set up a poll then lets have one...

Paper plates or crockery? Plastic curlery or real?

Many thanks in advance for anyone who can be bothered to answer :rolleyes:


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if it's a really good cooked breakfast then people should be prepared to pay around £4.50-£5.00

a really good BBQ always works well, but failing that how about a really good quality lasagne- the caterer will be happy and it should keep most of the punters happy too.

you can get some pretty good plastic cutlery nowadays for not much money, and it doesn't matter if the cutlery gets lost or dropped- just get another one!

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Second the £4.50-5.00 mark for a good cooked breakfast, esp if it includes black pudding. mmmmmm :)

main meals, curry or lasagne or barbeque work well. tbh if the quality of the food is good the actual menu is less important but go for filling food like these.

count me in for this one might be out the way for all the southerners on here but nice and local for some of us... :P

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won't be coming as Welshpool is too far from Kent for a weekend but... i'd pay a fiver for a cooked breakfast... if it was made with decent ingredients.. not minging cheap sausages and horrid salty battery-farmed bacon...

to be honest I'd rather pay £4 for a decent sausage and egg sarnie made with a good sausage and nice bread, than a fiver for a full english that i'd feel guilty serving to pigs...

as for the rest of the food... think quality rather than pure volume.. Jacket potatoes are good, curries and chilli's are nice easy bulk food, which you can pack out with rice for the 'bat fastards' who eat a lot...

good luck with it, but don't stitch people with the food, i'd rather pay £6 for a good burger than £4 for a rancid one, and i'm sure i'm not alone... there are some good caterers to be found at farmers markets.. who do home-reared hog roasts etc...

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I'm not a show goer any more but as far as catering is concerned if you set a fair price for your caterers pitch then the food should be fairly priced, Our local breakfast cabin does good home prepared food, a Sausage and bacon cob will set ya back 2 quid so add another quid for a nice bench to sit at and about £3-£3.50 sounds ok.

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a couple of years back at AWDC winch challange we had a hog roast from down there it was fab. if bods are camping they should have there own KFS + bowl/plate. id pay about £4.50 - £6.00 for full brecky with black pudding like sheeppimp said yummmmmmiiiiiiiii :rolleyes:


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I'm not a show goer any more but as far as catering is concerned if you set a fair price for your caterers pitch then the food should be fairly priced,

The caterters and the bar are not paying a penny for their pitch!

This is why I ask what you will pay so I can ensure they do not rip anybody off using the ground rent as an excuse.


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FFS WelshPool ?

Yikes a Nightmare to get to, ..........took hours and hours on poor roads to get to Tywyn years ago..

Why Welshpool ?

The only thing thats central for is anyone in Wales (who will be whooping) ?


Welshpool is barely 5 miles into Wales! It is only 70 miles from Birmingham City centre. And all bar the last 17 miles of that is on motorway and then the main A5 dual carriageway.

It is motorway / dual carriageway all the way from Liverpool / Manchester via Chester / Wrexham / Oswestry.

Granted if you go much further into Wales than that the roads can get a bit crappy but if you can't manage those sort of distances / roads then you are probably the sort of person who services the car before going to the local supermarket the same time every week. And you'll probably moan if someone is in your parking space when you get there :rolleyes:

This event is for people who want to drive on a Sunday, not for 'Sundat Drivers'.

I'm not sure that the Welsh will be there in great numbers necessarily... the most people in Wales live in the Cardiff / Swansea / sourthcoast area which is actually further away and a worse journey than from the Midlands or Northwest.

If you look at the map you will see what I mean.... Welshpool almost makes sense - lovely scenery of Welsh hills but with the convenience of easy access.


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Welshpool is easy to get to, just as far and as easy as getting home for me if I am returning from the south or east. Just a little more if coming from the north.

It will be a 20 mins drive for me instead of the 2 hours or more going to other events/shows. Where ever it is held someone will moan "its a long way for me".


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