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Which Axle??


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Hey all,

I have fitted a disc braked rear axle to my 90 but i need to know which one it is as i need a new pinion seal.

I think its an early range rover one but i am not sure and i have no idea which year this woudl mean. I am thinking its an early range rover as the Brake caliper retaining bolts are UNF thread as apposed to the later M10 threaded axle casings.

Can anyone help me with this??

I have the week off work so now the time for me to fix all the little problems i have.

Thanks in advance


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2 types Ralph there is a later seal mod kit that includes a new prop flange

FRC8220 and FTC4851 IIRC I think FRC8220 is the one required for the orig poster

I was thinking FRC8220 but wasnt sure as arent they the later axle's with M10 thread caliper bolts?? such as defenders??

Or would it be a pre 1985 RR axle making it FRC4586??

But to be honest i will just order both of these as they are only a £1 each so it covers me either way.

Thanks again


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