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head breather tube removal

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i think thats the correst name but its the the tube that feeds back to the air intake. it was removed when i bought it and the connection on the air intake blanked off. it blows out a bit of oil and smoke, does it need to be reconnected or can i just leave it? i was told its purpose is to make the engine greener by reclycling some gases but not sure wether this is true?

thanks, matt

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If you've described it accurately, it's not EGR pipework, which recycles exhaust gases back into the intake - the 'greener' bit.

Personally i'd not want it unconnected. I've known people, if the engine is breathing really heavily, to extend the pipe and let it oil the chassis, or blow into a tied-down plastic bottle etc.

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As you haven't specified which engine you have, on the TD you can route the breather outlet to atmosphere or better to a collecter bottle -- locally made & fitted by yourself, on the 200/300Tdi engines it's best to have the crankcase breater system correctly fitted & working as LR intended.

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i tried routing it into my chassis on my td and ended up filling the landy up with oil vapour fumes when in heavy traffic etc.

i googled the effects of prolonged exposure to oil vapour fumes and its not pretty , really not pretty and the damage is irreversable. its really not a good idea to vent this pipe anywhere except into the air box.

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