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Series 2A Suspension Question


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I've got a 1970 88" Series 2A with a few series 3 bits and bobs on it.

It's not a bad ride in general but every little grid or manhole cover that you go over seems like a big deal and it makes it feel like you've gone through a big pothole.

It's been like that for a couple of years and I just learnt to live with it but the other day I put a load of rubble in the back (I ended up having to shut the back door and shovel it in through the front doors). I went to take it to the tip and the springs were completely straight, but it was the smoothest journey I've ever had it in! You just didn't notice any bumps.

Is there anything I can do to get this normally??

It has LWB wheels and tyres on, it has original leaf springs although the spring hangers have been extended 2" to give it a bit more ground clearance. It's a hard top but the back is empty (no rear seats, no side windows in the back) and it weighs 1400kgs.

So other than carrying a load of bricks are there any options?

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You have two routes to a relatively cushier ride without major re-engineering of your suspension.

1) Softer springs. Parabolic springs, aka buggy springs, unlike a traditional leaf spring do not rely on friction as the main method of support/energy transference. They are "softer", thus requiring greater damping than leaf springs. In addition to beter articulation, they are "relatively" softer on road. You will not get a "soft" ride on almost any vehicle with traditional leaf type/parabolic springs;

2) Run your tires at a somewhat lower psi. Experiment to see what works for you. The trade off is how much (extra) slop you can bear in corners.

Finally, there is a third possibility - air ride seats. never seen it done in a Land Rover but perhaps you could be a pioneer...

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