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Larger P.A.S. Reservoir needed.

Steve 90

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In need of a larger P.A.S. reservoir. The early Range rover/90 one has been suggested and looks ideal but I cant find one and Land rover seem to have discontinued it! so does anyone know of anything similar that I could find easily in a breakers yard?

I would make one but as always I have a 1001 jobs to do before the 3 peaks and buying the ideal thing would save me an evenings fabrication and probably a couple of days hunting round for materials!



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But why do you feel your vehicle needs a larger capacity reservior ? the pump will have a flow rate & pressure to suit the steering box, upping the capacity won't make any difference, it'll just be like overfilling the engine oil.

Because I have Hydro assist steering using a ram that does not have equal fluid capacity in both directions. This causes a large difference in fluid level from one lock to the other. The standard ZF reservoir will just about cope on level ground but once you get on steep ground it can sometimes starve the pump. I have tried putting "y" pieces in the pipe's and using a second reservoir, which makes it a lot better but if you spend any time at odd angles the pots don't refill equally and it again causes problems. Ive tried altering the "Y's" and moving the reservoirs but it doesn't seem to get much better. Ideally a tall narrow tank with the outlet straight out the bottom would be best to lessen the effect of the side slope's etc but I think just having the extra volume of the early type tank will be enough.

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I have one out of a transit or some other van from a breakers, the same one is on my lorry which is a ford Iveco. Can be purchased from CV Parts in Stockport here, they look the same as L/R but are much bigger. Mine does hyro steer without any problems. If you go the breaker route, you will get the bracket and pipes as well for a fiver.....

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