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bought a disco in aus, small issue


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i am out in aus and nz for a year from scotland.

i have bought a 3.9 efi v8 disco 1995

she is real clean but sure i have a problem with the fuel

i think the tank holds 89 litres. the problem is that the range

i only get 440km to a tank (273 miles) cant be right

cant find leaks but need to have a good look

any ideas would be great

fuel is a bout 50 pence, cheap but still not effective on the wallet

eating into the beer fund :angry:



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Sounds about right to me. I have a 3.5V8i Disco and when I was in Oz with it I used to get around 400Km per tank. I did not run the tank completely empty though. It works out at about 14Mpg which is about right for town work. I used to get a bit more when going longer distances. I have just come back from the Pyranees with mine and at a steady 60Mph on the motorway I was getting about 20Mpg.



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Yup.. MPG sounds about right for a nice thirsty V8.....

Being nice to it I can get 20, average presently running at 16 and off-road days I'm getting 14.....

I recon if I blat it around all the time I could happily achieve single digit MPG....


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Figures like that don't sound right mate...our old 3dr 3.5 Disco used to get at least 600klm's from a tank. If you're using an auto and cruise then this would harm economy, but not to that degree. I get 580'ish out of a tank from my 4lt Wranger, but everyone else seems to get about 4-450klm's out of their tanks with the same vehicle. Changing the way you drive and short-shifting makes a MASSIVE difference...4x4's aren't sports cars afterall. :P

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Sounds about right to me, on my second V8 Discovery. 230-250 miles to a tank if mostly around town, up to a bit over 300 doing long distance steady speed. The old one was much the same, owned both from new, no change in the seven years I have had this one and the three I owned the previous one.

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Sorry to say that mine's on gas and burns about that on a highway run (with some hills) - about 20-22 ltrs/100kms [~13mpg]. Slightly better on petrol (18-20 ish [~15mpg]) but still scary. Terrifying if flogged...

The local Disco's are low comp (8.1) and run open-loop (no oxy sensors) so therefore are a bit less efficient than the "proper" pommie ones.

Welcome to Oz, mate.

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