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Time to start the sodbury parts relay?


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Now its getting close to sodbury, is it time to start the forum parts relay?

I will be taking an empty transit from northwich in cheshire down the M6 via birmingham if anyone wants anything picking up? (No industrial TIG welders please :lol::lol::lol::lol: )

Would anyone be able to bring a bulkhead for me from bridport in dorset to old sod for suitable beer money?



ps mods sorry if this is in the wrong section!

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I can transport between Gosport and Sodbury, but big heavy things will need a bit of a lift up into the back of the 109 ;)


Now thats useful to rememeber :lol:


Have you stopped me becuase of my wheels not being fully covered officer ?

No Sir, more the sparks coming off you rear crossmember dragging on the motorway.....



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I could probably do with transporting there and back if you can manage it, will happily repay with mor insults than you will possibly know what to do with! Also i will happily answer all calls from the wife and guarantee that you haven't bought anything, and provide resting shelter for all the junk you do buy :D Hows that sound?

20th October right?

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