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300TDi egr fuel pump


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A mate has just put an ex egr 300 in his 110 and is having some problems with black smoke when you rev it up, its a haze that goes as soon as you hold the revs steady, i am thinking that someone has been playing with the diafram in the pump, normaly i would be happy to detune it a little for the mot but as the WOT sensor is still on the pump (allbeit with the wires snipped off) i am conserned about disrupting this setup. Can i simply unbolt this sensor or will it need a new throttley army wottsit (zinc plated bit that its sat on)??

does anyone have any exploded diagrams of how this sensor is mounted?

I firther presume that all the pump internals are standard? and as such i can detune its on boost fuel easily.

Cheers, Will.

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