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Leaky Ninety


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Hey folks! My first topic! Woo!

Having been a proud landy owner for about 6 months now ('86 2.5d N/A 90), and the collective knowledge of the folk on this forum has proven to be an absolute godsend in helping me diagnose various rattles and knocks in the old dear. I now have a question of my own i'd like to ask!

I've always figured old landies to be leaky but I've noticed over the last few weeks a splodge of oil appearing in the driveway. Underside inspection revealed the area around the front transmission housing to be absolutely caked in oil. Oil could be seen dripping off the front of the transmission at a rate of about one drip every 3 minutes or so. Judging by the amount of oil caked further up the transmission and on the engine block itself, i think it's escaping further up. Should I be worried? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Is it Engine oil or ATF (Gearbox fluid). If it's Engine oil it could be that your rear seal (think it's the crank seal) may be leaking. To repair it you can drop the gearbox or pull the engine. I am sure a grown up will be along later to confim this.



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It might simply be a leaking rocker cover gasket if there's oil on the engine as well - easiset solution with leaks is to clean the area up as much as posible (spray some degreaser on and jet wash it off at the forecourt when no-ones looking ;) )

Once it's clean you'll be able to see where the leaks coming from. It also means the thin film of oil that was holding everything together has now gone and it will fall apart, like a clowns car.

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On the back of the engine there are only 2 - places it can come from - breather pipe or rocker gasket (assuming your head gasket is ok). Oil filter housing or oil pressure switch are a couple of other places that are known to develope leaks, and oil cooler pipe connections too if you have one fitted. The sump 'gasket' should be RTV sealant, but a series gasket will fit and may have been used instead. I would go for the rocker gasket as they are a bit awkward to fit and leak very easily. You can get sticky ones now that make replacing the gasket a lot easier.


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