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piston from My TDi


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I had one just like SheepPimp's - ran fine, no loss of power, just a HORRIFIC rattling from its innards. 4 new pistons and it went back together fine too...

Tony - what was the injector fault - hosing, poor spray pattern etc? Could this be due to your veg oil system do you think? I'd be interested to see some really close-up photos of the injector tip if you can do something clever with a magnifying glass.

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apparently it was dribbling fuel rather than spraying it

the injector has been rebuilt with a new pintle.

don't think it was veg system linked (but could be) only one injector was problematic when tested

and the rest of the engine looked fine.

I wasn't risking i so I removed the entire system and now am back on dino

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It can be a problem with biofuel, since you get buildups in the injector nozzles which stop it sealing properly, so it dribbles before/after injection, and this can cause holes in pistons when it's shot its load before it should even have started to spray.

That said, it could just be dirt, manufacturing or material fault, phase of the moon or bad luck... Thanks for the photos though.

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