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Anybody fixed up a Disco worse than this?


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Hi guys Im new here but I have been lurking for a while and I find the practical posts both helpful and interesting.I have nearly finished getting my hideously rusty Discovery ready for its MOT and have had to do LOADS of cutting and welding. I have taken a lot of pictures along the way but for now take a look at the sills after I popped the plastic :wacko:

Is this extreme or the norm for a 93 Disco? Anybody fixed up one thats worse or am I nuts?

More pics to follow..........






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Yep, My disco looked a lot like that when I bought it - a 91 model...

i have done the rear floor, the sills, and the drivers side inner wing/footwell. Still to do are the rear body mounts, the other inner wing, the bottom of the d-piilars.... the list goes on....

enjoy, don't you just love land rover ownership? :P



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I reckon I can beat that. Not all the pictures of the work - I also had to weld the inner wing inside corners back together right from under the battery tray to the bulkhead on one side, and half way along to the bulkhead on the other.






Also front body mount on the passenger side, plates to the footwell floor, and top of the rear wheel arch.


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I guess I am lucky with my Disco then! Just both front inner wings have cup sized holes and a small strip about the size of a pencil on the rear floor. I took the effort whilst inspecting her at work to sand of the underside and stone chip her in every conceivable place, she looks like new underneath now. Very handy having the use of vehicle lifts though.

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