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How much is enough??

Jon White

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OK -200Tdi disco engine.

How much oil pressure should you have? Hot at idle I've got about 10psi, going up to just over 30psi at higher rpm.

Doesnt seem enough to me! I put all new shells in it when i put the engine in a few weeks ago (all the journals looked ok and were not scored etc). I've also changed the O rings under the vacuum pump that are renowned for low oil pressure but its made no difference.

Is it enough, or do I pull the sump and have a look at the oil pump?



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Just over 10psi at tickover is okay then allow a minimum of 10psi for every 1,000 rpm over tickover.

These engines are sensitive to oil quality and filter quality OE filters are the preference or decent non OE.

Oil pumps rarely cause issues on a well maintained lump but the forward movement of the cam in it's journals does. The rear bearing shell has a habbit of 'creeping' on some engines, thus exposing the oil way, thus causing a pressure drop. This is a pain in the bottom as the lump must be line bored and new bearings fitted. This only usually happens to engines that have been pootled in a disco then ramped in a lower geared defender or pootled then thrashed for long periods of time.

Removing all the seepage leaks can up pressure by a couple of pounds.

Most oil pressure guages are fairly lapse in accurate readings, if you pressure warning light works and is not warning you of impending loss of engine internals, don't worry...

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The LR specification for the 200Tdi engine details the oil pressure as '25 - 55 psi at normal operating speeds and normal operating temperature'.

In view of that statement then your oil pressure would seem to be a bit on the low side............. I guess an average engine would have something like 40psi at noraml running speeds......................

Maybe time to change the pump .................



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Dropthe sump, undo 2 bolts andit all drops out.

How to check it isallgivenin the workshop manual. Basically you look for scoring,but there are also clearances to check with feeler gauges.

Havnt had a chance to look at mine yet cos I;ve hurt my arm so havnt touched the truck since lastweek.

Poxy space bar on my keyboard isplaying up too andonly works when it feelslike it.........sigh.......


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