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Desperately seeking Glasgow-based expert !

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First time poster, but I've been around here for a while now. Now it's time to jump in - and as is the custom with forums, it's with a request. :P

I've been carefully looking around for a while now, in an attempt to get into this off-road trials malarkey (been to a couple of events and enjoyed being thrown around in my mates discovery immensely) and think I've found the vehicle for me. The owner has done a lot of work to it, and it appears to be pretty well tricked out with all the right stuff. So, in theory, it could just be one of those pay-and-play deals. And, equally in theory, it could also be a dog that he's desperate to get rid of to some fool who doesn't know his arse from his elbow.

I don't want to be that fool... and the down side for me is that it's a 3-hour drive/train away, and the only expert I know probably wouldn't feel like accompanying me that far.

I don't really want to risk souring the whole experience by buying a dog straight out of the gate, so as it's such a friendly community round here I thought I'd chance my arm - namely, by asking if there might be any Glasgow-based (around 10 minutes from the airport, so I'm told) experts who might be willing to accompany me in a tyre-kicking, chassis-poking, bulkhead-tapping gander-fest ? Of course, there would be a "drink" in it for you :)

If this comes off, I'd typically be looking towards this around the weekend of the 13th/14th.

Anyone up for that?

Cheeky I know, but hey, worth a try. I've been following some of the threads round here for a while picking up the terminology, and while I can generally feel my way around a dodgy motor, all talk of transfer boxes, centre-lock diffs and swivels leaves me wide-eyed. Which reminds me, if anyone knows of a "beginners guide to land rovers" on the web somewhere that explains all this to the new kid, then that would be pretty smart, thanks :)

I hate being in this position, but I do learn fast - so that's something at least...


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